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     The Vemont Lodge of Research is, what is know, as a "moon lodge". This means that our lodge meets near the day of a full moon. In our case we, whenever possilbe, hold our meetings on the Tuesday of, or following, the full moon during the months of February, April, and September.


      Our February and September meetings are hosted by lodges of the Grand Lodge of Vermont. The exact location of each meeting is posted on this page, as well as in the Announcements Section of our site.


     Our April Meeting, which is our Annual Meeting, is held, every year, at the Rutland Masonic Center in Rutland Vermont.


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Annual Communication


Center Lodge #34

Rutland Masonic Temple

Date: April 23

Lodge opens at 7PM

Supper at 6PM

Street Address: 51 Washington Street, Rutland Vermont   


Directions to Rutland Masonic Temple





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